How was the idea for the ANAX SUPERFOOD created

We wanted a 100% natural product, without need to add any preservatives.

Based on all the studies that have been written worldwide on superfoods, we chose firstly Greek thyme honey, proved to be the best in the world.

Then we selected Chios mastic, for its uniqueness and its beneficial properties.

One afternoon we got the idea and decided to implement it! We also selected the Sea Buckthorn and the Goji berry because they are definitely two of the best superfoods and are now produced in our country. But things were neither simple nor easy to make the right nutritional combination.

As two sisters who each have a son, we feel like we gave birth to ANAX as if it was our second child.

We searched and found the best certified ingredients based on studies and thus the ANAX SUPERFOOD was born.

The packing unit we selected meets all legal requirements.


Make it part of your daily diet, as we have done! As much as you try to follow proper nutrition on a regular basis, it is difficult to obtain what ANAX SUPERFOOD offers.