Green Gold Hellas in Food Expo 2017

Our company will participate in the 4th FOOD EXPO which will take place 18-20 of March 2017,

at Metropolitan Expo!

Hall 4 Stand 36A

Contact us for an invitation.

Proud to carry a Great Taste Award 2016

The Great Taste Awards are the world’s biggest and most trusted food and drink awards, with experts giving away between one and three stars to the finest products on the market.

Among 10.000 products participating in this year’s judging roadshows, Anax Superfood Premium, a spread with Greek thyme honey, goji berry, sea buckthorn, Ceylon cinnamon and Chios mastic has been awarded a golden Great Taste star. Entering for the first time this undoubtedly highly respected competition and winning is an honor, as a Great taste Award is a reliable seal of approval based upon great taste and not marketing.

The Guild of Fine Food’s judging panel is made up of 500 industry experts, with celebrity chefs, acclaimed food writers and buyers from large retailers among them. Continue reading “Proud to carry a Great Taste Award 2016”

New Anax Superfood Blueberry

The new Anax Superfood Blueberry is a 100% natural product with Greek reiki honey (mediterranean heather), arbutus honey, blueberry and Ceylon cinnamon. A spread with a delicious bitter-sweet taste. With no preservatives or other additives, the mixture of these natural ingredients combines their multiple beneficial properties in a tasty spoonful for all health-conscious people. Continue reading “New Anax Superfood Blueberry”

Energy bars Anax Superfood

A mouthwatering healthy snack to carry around

Two unique recipes, rich in fiber, delicious in taste to stash in your bag! A healthy low calorie snack, against those nasty sugar cravings, 100% natural and nutritional for energy and well-being! Continue reading “Energy bars Anax Superfood”


The key to health and longevity

The traditional Mediterranean diet, following the eating habits of the inhabitants

of Crete and southern Italy in the early 1960s, has been recognized after long-term

scientific research as the healthiest diet. A low-calorie diet yet rich in flavor and

aroma, is known for its beneficial properties: it provides energy, protects against

heart attack and various forms of cancer, helps the good bowel function, etc. Continue reading “MEDITERRANEAN DIET”

How do I preserve the nutritional value of virgin olive oil when cooking?

Virgin olive oil has become a major factor in our daily diet. “Its consumption is growing, not only in Greece but worldwide, mainly due to the documented benefits it offers to our health,” claimed Portuguese scientists through a study published in the Food Research International Journal. Continue reading “How do I preserve the nutritional value of virgin olive oil when cooking?”

How was the idea for the ANAX SUPERFOOD created

We wanted a 100% natural product, without need to add any preservatives.

Based on all the studies that have been written worldwide on superfoods, we chose firstly Greek thyme honey, proved to be the best in the world.

Then we selected Chios mastic, for its uniqueness and its beneficial properties. Continue reading “How was the idea for the ANAX SUPERFOOD created”

Super Black Forest cake recipe without sugar

An ANAX Superfood creation by chef Kyriakos Athanassiades

Prepare it for your loved ones, they’ll simply love it! Continue reading “Super Black Forest cake recipe without sugar”