Anax superfood

Superfood spread

The leading ANAX Superfood is a 100% natural product with Greek thyme honey, goji berry, sea buckthorn, Ceylon cinnamon and Chios mastic. A spread with a unique exotic taste.

With no preservatives or other additives, the mixture of these natural ingredients combines their multiple beneficial properties in a tasty spoonful for all health-conscious people.

The leading ANAX Superfood formula is patented.


ANAX Superfood is ideal for people:

following a healthy lifestyle
exercising or playing sports
needing an extra boost after long hours of work or study
trying to replace sweets and regulate their metabolism.

Enjoy it

  • a teaspoon
  • as a spread
  • with yoghurt
  • in salads / fruit salads
  • in tea and herb infusions
  • in gourmet cooking recipes

Stir before use.

According to international scientific studies (see bibliography), all natural ingredients of ANAX Superfood contain rich elements, such as:

Thyme honey: The magic golden nutrition

With toning and antiseptic properties, thyme honey inhibits cell proliferation in cases of prostate and breast cancer. Greek thyme honey is far richer than other honeys in polyphenols and phenolic acids (antioxidant properties). Phenolic compounds of honey, besides their anti-cancer action, protect against cardiovascular disease.


IMG_2259Sea-Buckthorn: a health and beauty super booster

Sea-Buckthorn is high in vitamin C (about 15 times more than orange), vitamin E, amino acids, vitamin K, B-sitosterol and polyphenolic acids. It also has the full vitamin B complex, minerals and trace elements, essential for the body and provides the unsaturated omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids.

Furthermore, sea-buckthorn:

  • regulates the metabolism and LDL-cholesterol levels while protecting the vessels
  • repairs tissues and cells after long exposure to radiation
  • prevents from eye diseases such as cataract
  • anti-ageing
  • strengthens the immune system and protects against cancer
  • strengthens the nervous system, reduces stress
  • helps in ulcerative colitis, esophagitis, Crohn’s disease
  • heals damaged skin from acne, burns, discoloration

 Goji Berry, the happiness berry

Goji berry is considered as one of the richest natural sources of nutrients. It contains vitamins C, B1 and B2, beta-carotene  and a number of other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fibre. It also contains various phytosterols such as anti-inflammatory B-sitosterol, which reduces the absorption of cholesterol and contributes to sexual vigour. It contains “beneficial” fats, such as omega-6 and alpha-linoleic acid, which are modulators of hormonal function, and betaine, which helps the organism get rid of fat in the liver. Moreover, its polysaccharides regulate pituitary function and secretion of an age-delaying hormone: Goji berry is the top wild fruit in content of antioxidants.

Other properties of Goji berry:

  • strengthens the heart
  • boosts memory, metabolism and immune system
  • improves mental and sexual health.

IMG_1816Chios Mastic: Nature’s shield

With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, Chios mastic offers protection against stomach problems, peptic ulcers, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels. It also has a beneficial effect against atherosclerosis and heart disease. Thanks to its pleasant fragrance and antiseptic action, Chios mastic removes food residues from teeth contributing to oral health.

Ceylon Cinnamon: exotic and beneficial

Some of the known beneficial properties of Ceylon cinnamon:

  • regulates blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides
  • relieves digestive disorders
  • improves blood circulation
  • anticoagulant properties
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • rich source of calcium, magnesium, fibre
  • good for the heart and blood vessels
  • warming and tonic properties
  • relieves menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms
  • antibacterial activity